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Roofing & Siding Installation, Repairs, Restorations, Home Improvement | Norwalk, CTBased in Norwalk, CT, Sean Royce LLC, is a full service roofing and siding company that is capable of performing new roof installations, roof restorations, roof maintenance, and roof repairs for residential or commercial properties of any size and scope. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality craftsmanship by utilizing innovative installation methods combined with great customer service. Our strong dedication to providing the best possible home improvement services for each of our clients and to ensure that they are satisfied with the finished product has helped us to build a reputation as the premier home improvement contractor in Fairfield County, CT.

Norwalk Roofing Installation and Repair Services

Sean Royce has performed many residential and commercial roof installations and repairs throughout the Stamford, CT area and he fully understand the importance of having a strong roof installed in order to protect your greatest investment from the harsh weather elements. We offer free consultations and estimates and will arrive at your property to evaluate the condition of your roof and clearly explain to you all of the necessary steps involved in repairing or installing your new roof within your desired time frame and budget.

Once we have performed a full inspection of your roof, we will put together a detailed proposal that will list all of the elements and costs of the project. We will utilize high quality materials and explain to you each of the materials and options that are available to ensure that you will receive the greatest value from the project. There are many Connecticut roofing contractors that will attempt to turn a greater profit by recommending a full roof replacement when it may not be necessary. With Sean Royce, we will offer an honest assessment of your roof, and if all you will need is a minor repair, then that is what we will suggest for you.

Norwalk Siding Installation and Repair Services

Sean Royce offers complete siding installation and repair services to property owners throughout the Norwalk area and beyond. We can give your home or commercial business a fresh new look with our siding installation services. Our siding installation and maintenance services will assist in lowering your energy costs throughout the year by covering any leaks or gaps that may currently exists your siding. It will also increase the curb-appeal of your property, which will in turn give your property a higher market value. We also specialize in installing replacement doors and windows.

Sean Royce, LLC of Norwalk, Connecticut performs Custom Cabinet Design & Installation, Water Remediation and Water Damage Restoration, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, General Home Improvement and Repair Services, Fence Installations, Decks and Patios, Railings, Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Porticos and Dormers, and many more Home Renovation Services. Our service area includes the following towns in Connecticut and surrounding areas; Fairfield, Southport, Westport, East Norwalk, South Norwalk, Darien, Greenwich, Ridgefield, New Canaan, Bridgeport, Easton, Weston, Trumbull, Monroe, Danbury, Brookfield, and beyond!


Roof Installation & Repair Services | Norwalk, CT

There are numerous advantages to installing on new roofing system on your Connecticut residence or business. The roof of your structure is considered to be one of the most important investments that you can make on your property. A professionally installed roof by the Connecticut licensed roofing contractors at Sean Royce, LLC will be your first line of defense against the harsh New England weather elements, as well as animals on your property gaining access to your home. It is our main priority to install a firm and secure roofing system that will safeguard you, your family, and employees from these elements.

There are a few indicators that will make you aware that your Connecticut roofing is in need of repair. We have listed some of the most obvious indicators below:

  1. The age of your roof. Most roof installation experts acknowledge that the life expectancy of a professionally installed roof is twenty to twenty five years.
  2. If your roof shingles are beginning to coil and buckle, this is another indicator that your roof is in need of repair. The most susceptible areas of your roof are there areas that are getting the highest sun exposure.
  3. Chimney flashing. A leaky chimney can cause numerous types of problems, which can lead to extensive damage and costly repair. The most effective way to prevent water leaking problems caused by flashing is to hire a chimney repair professional to perform thorough inspections of all facets your chimney structure.
  4. Water damage occurring on the interior of your home. If you begin to see water damage appear within your top-floor ceilings, there is a strong possibility that you have a leaking roof. If the leak is relentless, you are most likely in need of extensive roofing repair services.

Research has indicated that a professionally installed roofing system can yield up to a seventy-five percent return on your investment. If you are looking to put your house on the market in the near future, the value of your house will increase if you have a new roof installed. If you are considering installing a new roof, it is essential that you hire an experienced Connecticut licensed roofing contractor for the project, who will utilize high quality materials and ensure that your roof will offer protection for the next twenty-five plus years. Hiring the home renovation experts at Sean Royce, LLC means that you will have a professionally installed roof, which will require little to no maintenance as the years pass by.

Another advantage to installing a new roofing system, is that it can substantially decrease your energy expenditures and create a much more pleasant atmosphere for your home or business. A newly installed roof will offer increased insulation, there are also “cooling roof” options available that reflects sunlight and also cools itself by efficiently emitting radiation to its surroundings. These factors are very effective in reducing your heating and cooling utility costs.

A new and beautiful roof installed by the home renovation professionals at Sean Royce, LLC will increase the overall value and add additional curb appeal to your home or property. Sean Royce, LLC has gained notoriety throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut and beyond, as being a reputable roofing contractor. We will assist your family or employees in remaining protected and comfortable from the winter elements, as well as lowering your energy expenditures. Contact Sean Royce today at 203-912-9082 for a free conulsutation!